Care Certificate

Resource Solutions ensure that all staff work to a code of conduct. This sets the standard of conduct expected of all healthcare workers, support workers and adult social care worker’s in England. The Care Certificate is an identified set of standards that health and social care workers adhere to in their daily working life.

The Care Certificate sets out explicitly the learning outcomes, competences and standards of care that will be expected in the healthcare sector, ensuring that the HCSW/ASCW is caring, compassionate and provides quality care.

The Care Certificate standards are listed below:

1 Understand Your Role
2 Your Personal Development
3 Duty of Care
4 Equality and Diversity
5 Work in a Person Centred Way
6 Communication
7 Privacy and Dignity
8 Fluids and Nutrition
9 Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disabilities
10 Safeguarding Adults
11 Safeguarding Children
12 Basic Life Support
13 Health and Safety
14 Handling Information
15 Infection Prevention and Control

We provide care assistant staff who are highly trained to meet the needs of the service user or patients within residential homes. All Healthcare assistants have been train and provided with care certificate ensuring that they have met the needs of Care Quality Commission.

We assist clients with personal care, housework, medication and mental health illness. All staff are highly trained and have undergone rigorous training, we are currently working with public, private sector Hospitals, Nursing and residential care homes.

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